Import Demo Data

This step to import demo data will introduce new content. You can have a good overview of what Sandra theme looks like. 

The import includes: 

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Widgets
  • Menu
  • Images
Before getting started, make sure all recommended plugins are installed before beginning the import in order to capture all settings.

To get started

  1. Click Appearance > Import Demo Data.
  2. Click on the button that says Import Demo Data.
You must allow the import several minutes to upload, do not click off the page until it has finished.

Multiple menu error

If you are seeing multiple menu and content repeated, it means you have imported more than once or reload the page when importing demo data.

To fix it, go to Appearance > Menu, click the down arrow on the menu items you want to delete and click remove.

Import error or failure

If you receive failed to import errors similar to the ones below, you can continue setting up your theme. These errors are only dummy content that didn’t import (example posts and pictures) and are not necessary to continue setting up your theme.

If you wish to import the demo data, you can still refresh and click one more time on the button of Import Demo Data. It won't hurt if you import the data more than once.

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