Install & Activate Jetpack plugin

Jetpack plugin is crucial to Sandra theme for specific functionality such as social share buttons on each post, contact form, widget visibility...

Install Jetpack Plugin

  • Under Plugins on WordPress admin panel on the left, click Add New button on top. 
  • Search Jetpack 
  • Click Install Now

Activate Jetpack Plugin

The Jetpack plugin plays important role in Sandra theme for several features. By connecting your own WordPress with Jetpack, you can enjoy more completed features. 

  • Under Jetpack > Connect Jetpack
  • If you don't have any account, you can create a new one by following the guideline in
  • If you already have account, you can connect it.
  • When you see the pricing table of after you successfully created an account and logged in, you can close this browser without choosing any plan. Your connection between own WordPress and is done.
  • Head back to your own WordPress admin panel
Configure Jetpack setting

  • Under Jetpack tab > click settings
  • We highly recommend to turn on the below settings:
    • Engagement > Sharing
    • Engagement > Enhanced Distribution
    • Engagement > Site Verification
    • Security > Protect
    • Security > Monitor
    • Appearance > Photon (optional)
    • Appearance > Widget Visibility
    • Writing > Shortcode Embeds
    • Writing > Contact Form

You are also welcome to turn on other functions that are not stated above.

The account in is only used for activating the Jetpack function in your own WordPress, nothing more. 

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