Set Up Homepage SEO

You can set up SEO for your homepage such as Meta Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords. If the homepage is shared through social media, the assigned meta information will be crawled and displayed.

Turn on semantic HTML5 page

This setting allows you to implement the HTML5 tag to your whole web page.

  • Under Genesis > SEO Settings > Sitewide Settings > Section Headings, check the box of Use semantic HTML5 page and section headings throughout site.

Configure Homepage SEO

Under Genesis > SEO Settings > Homepage Settings, add your website meta information into the text area. 

  • Meta Description: It serves as help text to direct the audience to click into your website on the search result.

  • Meta Keywords: It serves as a tag for the search engine to match the user's searching queries with your website. However, Meta keywords are generally ignored by search engines.

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